For the past few days I have been trying to come up with an idea for my one month startup. I think I have found something that fits my interests and sounds doable.

The basic premise is to notify people about very cheap round trip flights that leave on Thursday or Friday and come back on Sunday. This is partly inspired by an episode of Master of None where Dev (Aziz Ansari) finds super cheap tickets to Nashville and takes a girl on a date for the weekend. This product creates similar opportunities for interesting weekends in new places without breaking the bank.

My overthinking side is telling me to build an app with customizations and features, but to stay true to the spirit of this venture, I want to create a bare bones MVP (minimum viable product). I think a good way to start will be an email list similar to Scott’s Cheap Flights, but with the target audience being weekend travelers who would take advantage of round trip tickets under say $100 or so.

I’m not sure of the logistics as far as what is necessary at sign up, but I will iron all that out when I begin. I will probably offer a free and paid subscription. Success will require the following:

  • 150 subscribers
  • $50 MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

I’m looking to start this when I return home for Thanksgiving. This way I can enjoy the rest of my trip in Spain and then focus when I get back to New York.

If you have any questions, insights or critiques, please share in the comments below. Would love to hear it.