As soon as I woke up, I checked Mailchimp and was please to find around 60 signups. This might be chump change for some, but for me it felt great. Not even 24 hours in and I already have a bunch of people interested and the general vibe has been positive.

It was time to switch gears and get some things rolling regarding the actual application. When I did some early basic research, I got some really bad news that Skyscanner had rejected my application for an API key.

I started to mess around with scraping their site, but it was a bit of a nightmare. Got to play around with Selenium and that was really cool, but I didn’t feel good about my results.

Then, I found RapidAPI. They had a blog article that said they have open access to the Skyscanner API through their personal API key. I signed up, and despite having weird issues with their site breaking on me, I got through and starting testing the API.

It was working and I was able to generate valid requests from my local machine. I corroborated the results via the Skyscanner website and it all looked legit.

I was up and running! I quickly threw together a small PHP project that was in charge of querying the API, filtering for the results I needed and mapped it into a format I liked.

Once I got that far, I saved my work and started to think of my data layer. I drew some tables and relationships in my notepad and have a decent starting point. My main focus is to track my subscribers, what flights they are offered so I don’t repeat offers, and flight deals so I don’t ingest the same deals over and over.

This was where I left off regarding core. I then had some people reach out to me regarding what’s the link to the site, and some other people offering me some advice. I had some cool conversations and decided to add a bit of reach to my landing page.

I logged onto Product Hunt and saw they have this service called Upcoming. It essentially creates your own upcoming landing page inside Product Hunt and let’s people see what you’re working on. I’m not sure how beneficial it will be, but I figure it won’t hurt. I’m super interested in the Product Hunt community, but I think it’s more about the actual launched products, not the upcoming ones. Time will tell.

In conclusion, I think I’m in a good spot for Day 2. I have a list of interested subscribers, a reliable data source, implementation of a solution to pull and format that data on command, and a starting point for my persistence later. My next steps will be to finalize the database and create cron jobs to fill my database with flight deals. Then I would like to start making some email templates.