One Month Startup

Daily updates on my attempt to start a web based business in 30 days

Author: Danny Bushkanets

Day 6: New Sign Up

I wanted to change sign up to be a bit better. The first issue I wanted to tackle was the facebook in-app browser kept taking users out of the normal flow and making them re-confirm all their info and deal with a cumbersome captcha. The second issue was that I wasn’t collecting airport codes. 

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Day 5: Emails continued

Email marketing platforms are interesting, and I’m sure Mailchimp brings its own weirdness to the table, because setting up an email to have application driven dynamic content was not the smoothest. With that said, low and behold the new email from Weekendr.

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Day 4: Emails

Today’s goal was to integrate email into my application. Upon some investigation, trial and error, I first ditched Mailchimp for SendGrid, only to come back and realize it was the solution I was looking for all along. 

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Day 3: Environment and Database Setup

Today’s goal was simple. Create a database, pop in a few tables, find a way to populate them automagically. All in all, it all went pretty smoothly, but like anything in software, there are always a few unforeseen issues lurking in the shadows.

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Day 2: Starting Core Functionality

As soon as I woke up, I checked Mailchimp and was please to find around 60 signups. This might be chump change for some, but for me it felt great. Not even 24 hours in and I already have a bunch of people interested and the general vibe has been positive.

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Day 1: Getting Started

Today was a very exciting day. It was the first day of the 30 day journey of creating my startup. It’s called Weekendr, a notification system for weekend travelers. Essentially, it will notify you whenever there are roundtrip tickets, from Friday to Sunday, leaving from your city for under $200.

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API’s or lackthereof

I decided to research flight API’s so I can just take a look at what’s available. What I saw did not give me the best news. I am hoping it will work out, or I will need to figure out some creative solutions.

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On My Mind

Ever since I decided to create a product, I have been unable to put it out of my mind. I have to say, this part is very exciting. Much like any new project, possibilities feel endless, not backed into any corners or misguided assumptions, and tons of ideas.

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Found My Idea

For the past few days I have been trying to come up with an idea for my one month startup. I think I have found something that fits my interests and sounds doable.

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New Project: Create a startup in 30 days

Recently I have been checking out a lot of podcasts and articles about creating a web based business and I got inspired. I want to get my hands dirty and try to build a business around a product or service sold online.

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